On A Buffalo…

Posted: April 18, 2012 in little Honda, things I want


I stopped in at the bike shop during my errands today to buy a spare clear shield for my GMax helmet. I happened to spy my next bike near the counter. It was a 2007 Honda VTX 1300C with bags and a HUGE highway shield. I would probably take the big shield off and go without or get a shorter one at some point. But anyway, I sat on it for a few wonderful minutes and pondered the differences between it and my lovable little 750. First, the seat is noticeably higher but the riding position is still really comfortable. The 1300C feels big. In fact, I felt like The Guy On A Buffalo.

I heaved the beast off its kickstand only to find that it is extremely well balanced and actually feels lighter to throw around than my Spirit C2…but it isn’t. In fact its nearly 200 pounds heavier. One should probably bear that in mind before tossing the big VTX into a corner or attempting low-speed shenanigans. I have read that the VTX 1300 also suffers from fairly doggy acceleration, but has significantly more grunt than its little brothers. I don’t want to go fast, I just want to be able to pass cars effectively without needing a downshift. If I was hell-bent on speed I would only be after a Triumph Rocket III or VMax. But I’m not that crazy. Not yet anyway.


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