Mad Max

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

One bike that keeps getting my attention is Yamaha’s insane VMax. The astute among you will point out that I JUST wrote a horrible screed against Harley Davidson for making ridiculously priced bikes, and a brand new VMax is currently priced at $19,900. Yes, a new one is nearly twenty grand. But exercise your Craigslist muscles and you can probably find a VMax just a couple of years old for $6000-$8000 in very good condition (stay far, far away from modded bikes online unless you’re a mechanic).

For the sum of six to eight grand, you get over 100 horsepower, and around 85ft/lbs of torque. If you shell out twenty grand for a new one, you get about 165 horsepower. At the rear wheel. Yikes. The older, carbed VMax models run four Mikuni carbs and the new beast is EFI. I would be okay with only 100 horsepower. Especially after my little 44 horsepower Honda.

Oh, the Mad Max has some issues though. It gets horrible gas mileage and has a tiny little tank to boot, so range is a little limited. The suspension has always been an issue on the VMax, and still is. Riding fast over broken Iowa roads will probably result in an unplanned dismount. Handling is reportedly very heavy (back to that suspension problem). But I don’t care. That engine is incredible, and it looks like it fell out of a 1980s sci-fi movie.

Here I have included a decent review of the VMax and my other bike crush–the Triumph Rocket III. Enjoy.


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