Ride The Fat One

Posted: May 19, 2012 in little Honda, things I want

Last night a couple of friends came up to visit from a local bike night. One has a Victory V92 and the other has a 2012 Harley Fatboy Low with all the matte black extras–and in fact had a higher sticker price than my 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX. I got to go around the block on it, but it was very late and I couldn’t goose it at all without waking the dead. But I did form a couple of impressions.

First, The Fatboy Low is a large machine, and feels large. However, it really wasn’t unwieldy around the narrow town square streets. The motor was very nicely balanced, and made huge, enormous, incredible amounts of power. My friend’s bike has been tweaked and tuned so when it was last dyno’d, it hit 125hp and nearly the same number of ft/lbs. So it was quite nippy for an 800lb gorilla. Cruising the city streets at 25mph was dealt with at idle, as was launching from STOP signs–but it never felt like it was going to run away with me.

Additionally, the saddle is soft and very wide. The brakes were very good, and coordinating clutch/throttle/rear brake to perform low-speed maneuvers was pretty easy. I was initially intimidated by the size and incredible noise, but it really wasn’t any harder to drive around the town square than my Honda 750. One day I would like to make a run down the highway on it and observe its obviously muscular acceleration.

If you have $27,000 lying around, this isn’t a bad way to go. And if you have $54,000 lying around, get one for me too.


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