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EFI vs Carbs

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was just about to head to the garage and clean up my Honda, and I thought I would write a quick note about fuel injection vs carb’d bikes.

The thing you’ll notice first when going from carbs to EFI is that when you arm the ignition switch, you hear a computer kick on and buzz for about three seconds before you can actually start the bike. With carbs, you hit the switch and go. But, EFI almost always develops more horsepower while maintaining efficiency because of the way it delivers the fuel/air mix. Also, fuel injectors will never come out of synch, and you can tune your bike up with a powercommander ECU flash. However, if you get a bike with EFI, you’ll want a battery tender. EFI doesn’t work if the battery is throwing less than 10 volts. A carb’d bike can be push-started even with a totally dead battery.

There are ups and downs for both, and there are far more than I listed here, but going in-depth on this makes my eyes glaze over. My best advice is to get the bike you want and learn to live with the fuel delivery system you have.