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I’ve been pouring over spec sheets on prospective new machines, since it seems that it’s more expensive to bolt on power than to just get a bigger bike. When I attended the MSF Basic Rider Course last year, a lot of the students were learner’s-permit holders who rode newer Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Customs. I don’t have really any background with Kawasaki, so I never really looked at the Vulcan as a possibility. But then I ran across a multi-bike shootout posted online. The Vulcan 900C put down a blistering 50 horsepower at the rear wheel and only weighs in at 619lbs wet. That’s pretty respectable, and after some Craigslist-creeping, I found a ton of them for sale in the $5000-$6500 range with very low miles and in near showroom condition.

The Vulcan also has some stuff I like. It’s water cooled, so the engine will last. It’s EFI, so no carbs to synch or clean or re-jet. It’s belt driven, which is more durable than a chain, and cheaper and less power-sapping than a shaft. Lots of new metrics are going to belts, and I was pissed at first, but I totally get it now.

Am I interested in the 900C now? Well yes, it’s only…..uh…Spock, help me out here:

I do like my Honda, but the brand-new Phantom they tested above only put down an anemic 36hp at the rear wheel. It does only weigh in the low 500lbs, but 36hp isn’t a whole lot. It also had the worst brakes by FAR. Maybe it’s time to trade my brand loyalty for logic and research.